Proforma for Societies/Trust/Organisation running
unrecognized Schools in Delhi

Reprint Details of school Submited earlier

Name of School
Address of School
Date of Establisment
Name of Society/Trust running the school 
Level Upto Which the School is running
Details of Teachers in School No. of Teachers
Assistant Teacher
TGT English
TGT Hindi
TGT Sanskrit
TGT Punjabi
TGT Misc. Category Teachers
TGT Natural Sc.
TGT Social Sc.
TGT Maths
No. of Non-Teaching Staff
School Land Alloted by Govt. Agency or not ?
Land alloting Agency/Dept.
Whether school has boundry wall/proper fencing?
Total Area (in sq. mts.) of school-land including building and play ground Sq.mts
Constructed area of building in sq.mts. Sq.mts
Area of playground in sq. mts. Sq.mts